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; nekognihs - 07126

キャサリン (neko chan)
7 December 1988
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; nekognihs

♥ im catherine.
lives in singapore :D

♥ who loves 関ジャニ∞.
2008 - went to japan, just to see hina stage 'if or',
& loves how hina tsukkomi's the other members.
*hearts to the otp(s); YOKOHINA & SUBASSAN :DDD
and listens to kanjani8 yokohina reco for at least twice a wk.

VETERANS. they are bunch of silly great guys! oh, KIKUOKA KUN!

舞闘冠 (since they debuted at last 2007 christmas sp sc.) xD
Yamamoto Ryota is lovessssss xDDD

♥ basically 2009 she went into the Tamaki Hiroshi fandom.
he sings great, concert greats, acting great, everything. his smile too :D
and i wanna see how tall he is in real life, awesome guy <3

Toda Erika - she is lovely :D

Narimiya Hiroki; 2008 started, he has a very sunshine smile, he can makes me happy for the whole day :D

and loves guys with great smile :D
is studying jap! level 3 for now xD
yoroshiku na!~

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